Image of For the Love of a Goblin Warrior (Shadowlands)


Image of For the Love of a Goblin Warrior (Shadowlands)

The latest in Husk’s paranormal series follows Meryn’s struggle to be free of his former Shadowlands life. The romance between Meryn and nurse Nadine is both a very slow simmer and too quick — their love is instantaneous and not fleshed out, but the consummation of their affection takes the course of the novel. More interesting than the leads’ coupling are their individual backstories, including Nadine’s dark family history and Meryn’s adjustment to life in contemporary Australia. This may be a steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with The Goblin King series, but for those who’ve encountered these fallen heroes before A Goblin Warrior is a rewarding read.

Meryn buried his humanity, along with his wife and children, centuries ago — cursed to lead a goblin existence. But now the curse has lifted and Meryn has been plunged back into the human world, plagued by nightmares of his old life. Nadine knows too well about nightmares; she’s had them ever since her mother was killed. But when she encounters the mysterious Meryn, a new patient at her hospital, there’s something strangely familiar about him. As Nadine wrestles with the circumstances of her family’s violent history, Meryn must face the ghosts of his former life too. If Meryn reveals the truth about his goblin warrior past, will he lose Nadine’s love? (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 288 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky