Image of Love Is in the Heir (Warner Forever)


Image of Love Is in the Heir (Warner Forever)

Caskie's wit shines from the moment the aging Earl of Devonshire realizes he's having a "bad heir day." His estates will be forfeited to the Crown unless he can convince his only kin, the twins Griffin and Garnet St. Albans, to become his heirs. He strikes a deal with the twins: the first one to marry will inherit.

A carriage accident brings the twins and Hannah Chillton together, but she thinks they're the same person. Naturally, she's confused. One moment Mr. St. Albans appears to be courting her, the next she spies him wooing another. Why, you'd almost think there were two men instead of one!

Hannah has more on her mind than that, though. She intends to prove her theory for matchmaking is as good as any of the Featherton sisters' ideas. But she has no idea that her scheme will get tangled in theirs.

Love and laughter, madness, matchmaking and mayhem ensue in pure Caskie style in this delightful, lighthearted romp where even an astronomer lends a hand to keep love in the air. SENSUAL (Jun., 304 pp., $6.50)


EDITOR'S NOTE: THis book was re-released in 2013 by Grand Central Publishing.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin