Ava Maxwell is infertile and still bears the emotional scars and failed relationships her condition has cost her. Shes given up on having a husband and family until she meets Hilton Whitea man who doesnt care whether she can have children, a man who only cares that she loves him and supports his dreams. Yet, as their relationship deepens, Hiltons own problems with his ex-girlfriend and his son cause her to rethink her own commitment to him. She truly wonders if love can conquer all.

Hilton is determined to take his time with Ava, to show her that love is all they need to make it together. But his ex-girlfriend arrives, tempting him with custody of his son and Hilton is forced to make some very reality-check decisions that can seriously affect his time and commitment to Ava. He loves Ava, but if he has to choose between her and his son, his son will win out every time. He prays the situation never becomes that desperate.

A LOVE OF HER OWN is a poignant yet inspiring story of the happiness two people can achieve when they put themselves last and love, integrity and responsibility first. (Nov., 314 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson