In the eighth installment of the series, Roby has done the impossible by completely transforming philandering minister Curtis Black into the man of God his vocation requires him to be. This book has it all: a riveting storyline, well-defined characters and plenty of drama!

The Reverend Curtis Black faces a seemingly impossible dilemma. His wife Charlotte hates his illegitimate 2-year old daughter, Curtina, who lives with them following the death of her mother. When Curtis refuses to send Curtina away, Charlotte has two extramarital affairs, one with someone from her past and one, unbeknownst to her, with someone from Curtis’ past. While his marriage is in turmoil, Curtis contemplates seeking solace with someone else but for once he does not yield to temptation. He tries valiantly to get Charlotte to work on their marriage and to accept his daughter. Tragedy strikes for their son and for their family as Charlotte’s and Curtis’ past deeds come back to haunt the family. Can their unity survive another horrible blow? (GRAND CENTRAL, Jan., 322 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims