Cal Walters was convicted of assaulting a man in a bar fight—even though he'd been protecting an abused woman. He lost it all, including custody of his little girl. But now he's out of jail and determined to reclaim his child from her alcoholic mother. To help win custody, he proposes to his former flame, Libby. But there are many issues between the two. Libby can't forgive him for abandoning her in the past, and he fears that Libby, an attorney, never believed in his innocence and had a hand in sending him to jail. To Love, Honor and Defend (2) by Beth Cornelison suffers from a contrived setup and ending as well as unlikable characters. Cal often seems more interested in getting Libby into bed than actually saving his daughter, and Libby is a reactive rather than proactive heroine. Plus, it's never fully clear why she would agree to this marriage.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor