Anne Tenino is back at Calapooya Collage with another funny, sexy m/m erotic romance that speaks of first love, second chances and forgiveness. The charming storyline and strong characters are very well written, but readers will probably want a little less bedroom time and more focus on resolving issues between the heroes.

Paul is a socially disgruntled college upperclassman whose extreme hatred of jocks has cost him numerous social relationships. When he is forced to tutor the women's softball team at the request of their coach, he never expects to see his old high school flame, Trevor Gardiner. Trevor, a retired Major League baseball star, sacrificed Paul and their relationship in order to further his career. Now, nine years later, Trevor is firmly out of the closet and wants what he couldn’t have with Paul in high school: A public relationship. Although Paul may still love Trevor deep down, he is scared of what happened before and isn't sure his heart can take more rejection. When Paul uses all his formidable anti-social skills to push Trevor away for good, he realizes too late that it’s not his heart he’s afraid of losing, but his pride. (RIPTIDE PUBLISHING, Aug., dl, $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson