Image of To Love A Knight (Kimani Romance)


Image of To Love A Knight (Kimani Romance)
Wayne Jordan's To Love a Knight (4) is a wonderful book with multilayered characters and a smoothly flowing story. The first love scene will bring tears to your eyes! Veterinarian Tamara Knight has been caring for hurt creatures since she was a child. Her new neighbor, a former cricket star that she had a wild crush on as a teenager, is hurting emotionally because of a car accident. Kyle Austin seems to have been hurt and abandoned since childhood, and he refuses to become involved with anyone. When Tamara pushes her way into his life, he's forced to evaluate his existence and feelings of bitterness. Tamara's presence and love bring about a change in Kyle as he comes to grips with his disability and the reasons he dreads the Christmas season.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims