Image of Love Lessons


Image of Love Lessons

This unforgettable M/M romance is tender, sweet and modern. Cullinan's approach towards budding affection is subtle, yet straightforward enough to prove that love can be found just about anywhere. Readers will find that the other characters besides our heroes of the book have interesting tales to tell also, which is an added bonus that doesn't deter from the sizzle or endearing plot. Walter and Kelly's relationship doesn't start out as all peaches and cream, but it's definitely an entertaining journey. There are even a few chuckles, which soften the blow of serious situations evenly placed throughout the story.

Hope University's very own smooth-operator, Walter Lucas, is embarking upon his junior year in hopes of living off campus, until his request is denied and he must spend another year in the dorms. Although he dreams of landing a sexy roommate, he ends up being paired with newly-outed freshman Kelly Davidson and neither guy is overjoyed. Walter is stuck with an allergy-ridden virgin who will seriously cramp his love life, and Kelly has no choice but to deal with Walter and continue on his quest for Mr. Right. One believes love doesn't exist, and the other is a hopeless romantic. You'll never guess who will be teaching whom about love, life and all it has to offer. (SAMHAIN, dl., $5.50)

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Jaime A. Geraldi