Ashley Lorentz pretty much sees herself as a nobody, so when she (literally) runs into millionaire Victor Lawrence she believes nothing will come of it. It does, though, and things are progressing nicely until Victor gets injured and ends up being very ill. While Ashley watches over him, something happens that she finds unforgivable in herself, so she drops him cold. Then Victor finds out about Ashleys little secret and forces her into a relationship shes not prepared for.

I really enjoyed the first half of Love Lies, which had a lot of humor and moved along quickly and smoothly. But when Victor basically takes over Ashleys life in the last half, I got very irritated. I also didnt care for the way Ashley felt Victor had certain rights in a relationship she was forced into. To me, this bordered on abuse.

In the end Ms. Davidson does carve out a nice romance and I look forward to watching her grow as a writer. (dl $3.95, cd $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley