Image of Love, Lies & Videotape (Arabesque)


Image of Love, Lies & Videotape (Arabesque)

Perrin's latest has great characters, plot and setting. Jasmine St. Claire is a down-to-earth woman who's made it without sacrificing her morals or her ideals. When she finds a man worth knowing, you'll keep turning the pages -- even if it is way past bedtime and the alarm is set for an ungodly hour.

Sandy, sunny and somewhat secluded St. Lucia is just where rising star and Hollywood good girl Jasmine needs to be when her world starts to crumble. Betrayed by someone she thought closest to her, and needing a break from all the media attention, she takes a friend up on an offer of retreat.

For Darien Lamont, St. Lucia is where he can let go of his failed marriage and start looking toward the future. He doesn't expect to meet the woman of his dreams there. Pushed together, Darien and Jasmine are drawn to each other despite their past and current troubles. Now they have to figure out if love is worth trusting in and fighting for. (KIMANI/Arabesque, Aug., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile