Roshawn Bradsher has her hands full with life. Parenting a teenage daughter through the drama of missed curfews, relationships with the opposite sex and rebellion is bad enough, but she also has financial difficulties with her beauty salon.

When her ex-husband, John Chen, proposes that their daughter, Ming, move to Arizona to live with him and his current wife, Roshawn reluctantly agrees. When Chen suggests that Roshawn relocate from Seattle temporarily to assist with Ming's adjustment, Roshawn uses this as an opportunity to change her life.

Chen provides Roshawn with a job, a home and the opportunity to meet Angel Rios, his newest professional baseball recruit. Angel is intent on concentrating on his baseball career, not women. But sparks abound when Angel is mesmerized by Roshawn, she is smitten with him and Chen has to deal with his ex-wife moving on with her life.

This is a book that deserves an entire quiet afternoon to read. Mello's intriguing story starts strong and flows to a satisfying end. (Aug., 320 pp, $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims