Fans of Metzger's Regency romances will find she has the chops for writing compelling contemporary tales too. Dante is easygoing, yet no pushover, and Louisa, though often in need of help, is determined to make it on her own. Metzger's humor and love of animals shine in this delightful romance.

Left at the altar by her fiancé, Louisa retreats to her family's cottage on Long Island. She repairs the quarters and adopts a dog. In the meantime, she meets the handsome "handyman" taking care of her Aunt Vinnie's cottage next door. But Dante Rivera is no handyman—he's Aunt Vinnie's wealthy nephew from the other side of the family (read: no blood relation).

Dante is determined not to take on Louisa's burdens, even when her property is damaged by renters. He has enough on his plate with a spoiled ex-wife, a forgetful aunt and her neglected immediate family. But Dante can't seem to leave well enough alone and finds himself falling in love with Louisa.

(Jun., 284 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley