Former major league pitcher Jack Trehan is not ready to let go of baseball. Following a recent career-ending injury, Jack is in his empty new mansion when his Aunt Sadie hires interior decorator Keely McBride to furnish Jacks house. When Jack gets a strange late night phone call from his ditzy cousin Cecily, he has no idea that he has just agreed to take charge of Magenta Moon, age 6 months.

When Keely arrives for the first consultation, she finds Jack staring at the baby on his doorstep. Desperately, Jack agrees to hire Keely to redo his house, but first he needs help coping with the kid. Before she knows it, Keely is caught up in this bizarre situation and finds little M&M grabbing at her heart.

This is one dysfunctional family with a capital D. Combining wacky characters and hilarious situations with lots of romance is what author Kasey Michaels does best. Dont miss out. (Nov., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith