Though their mothers dreamed they'd marry, Anne Robichaux Marchand wed hotelier William Armstrong's biggest rival instead. Now a widow and grandmother with four grown daughters, Anne is running her Remy's hotel, and it's in trouble. She's also being wooed by William -- much to her daughters' dismay and her own secret delight. William's daughter isn't thrilled by the match either, and she tries to persuade him to acquire Hotel Marchand outright instead of helping Anne to keep it in her family. Darker forces are also at work, and despite Anne and William's best efforts, the hotel's future hangs in the balance. Love Is Lovelier (4) by Jean Brashear is notable simply because of the ages of the characters -- Anne is 62 and William older still, but it's also a wonderful rarity because they're shown to be passionate and sensual with each other. Apart from that, the conflict's credible and the suspense about the hotel's fate is ramped up considerably.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer