Suspense maven Brennan kicks off a new series featuring Lucy Kincaid. Readers met Lucy in Fear No Evil, when she was a teen and the surviving victim of a rapist/killer who showcased his crimes online. Family and relationships tie many of Brennan’s novels together, allowing her to utilize previous protagonists, and this one is no exception. Twists and turns in this dark drama make it creepy and compelling in the extreme!

It has been six years since Lucy Kincaid killed her kidnapper, Adam Scott. As Lucy waits to find out if she’s been accepted into the FBI Academy, she works for an organization that monitors paroled sex offenders. When Lucy discovers that her monitoring program is being used to find and execute parolees rather than send them back to prison, she is horrified. P.I. Sean Rogan is highly attracted to Lucy and determined to help her find the truth. (BALLANTINE, Jan., 496 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith