Johanna Lindsey's hardcover debut, now in paperback, is a delicious, delectable tale that begins where her Man of My Dreams ends. Is it any wonder that LOVE ME FOREVER is sheer delight, vintage Johanna Lindsey with the touches of humor, sensuality, intrigue and originality we've come to expect from the bestselling author? This is a book you'll want on your shelves to cherish forever.

Wealthy heiress Kimberly Richards is mourning her mother's death when her father demands she find a suitable husband so her father can marry the woman he loves. He sends Kimberly to Shearing Cross Castle in hopes that the Duke and his new Duchess, Megan, will find her a groom.

But Kimberly doesn't want a husband. Then Lachlan MacGregor, the impoverished laird of Clan MacGregor arrives. Lachlan has plans to spirit the lovely Megan away from her husband. But even the jealous Duke can not deter the Highland Rogue until sharp-tongued Kimberly catches his eye.

Kimberly has no use for fortune hunters or arrogant, dashing scoundrels, but Lachlan will not give up. His being framed for a crime he did not commit draws Lachlan and Kimberly together. When an unexpected tryst with the sexy Scots man leads to marriage, Kimberly isn't sure if she's found heaven or hell.

With her father's arrival, a new series of problems beset the newlyweds, but this ill-matched pair and their meddlesome friends manage to bring about an unexpected, but very satisfying "happily ever after."

Johanna Lindsey fine tunes her unique voice and special talents in LOVE ME FOREVER — a book destined for the bestseller list and readers' shelves. As always Ms. Lindsey gives us what we want-a memorable, wonderful read that brings us laughter and joy. That's her magic touch! SENSUAL (Reprint, Dec., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin