After her husband's brutal betrayal, Brianna has been restored to sanity at her brother's keep and departs for home. Her carriage careens off a cliff and Brianna wakes to find herself in a nightmare.

Royce meant to hide away until his latest battle scars healed before resuming his former life. When he finds Brianna, he discovers that caring for this helpless woman mends him in ways he hadn't expected. Despite his disfigurement and his lapse in revealing his true identity, Royce and Brianna form an intense romantic bond. But the idyll is broken when the truth is revealed.

With familiar characters, Fletcher gives us a touching story of an abused woman who reclaims her life with the care of a decent man. Lots of dialogue makes this story of healing a quiet but worthy read for those seeking a tale without a complicated plot and heavy action. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black