Ariel Leland's coach is waylaid on her way to her father's ranch in Waco. When she comes to, she's handcuffed and looks up at a lean, dangerous man.

Bounty hunter Jess Wilder thinks he's captured the woman who caused his brother's death. Ariel can't understand why he calls her "Tilly," nor listens to her.

Though Jess knows "Tilly" is lying, he's attracted to her. On the way to Fort Worth, Jess questions if she isn't lying, but revenge overcomes his qualms.

Once Ariel proves her innocence, Jess sheepishly escorts her to Waco, but Ariel wants nothing to do with him. The sexual tension builds until it explodes into lovemaking. Danger awaits them in Waco. A surprise visit from the real Tilly, a kidnapping and a trip to St. Louis nearly separate these headstrong, stubborn lovers.

You'll hardly have time to take a breath as you race through this action-packed, delightful tale by the very talented Connie Mason. This is everything her fans expect-a rip-roaring adventure with sensual love scenes and three-dimensional characters you care about. VERY SENSUAL (Reissue, Aug., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin