Image of Love Me If You Dare


Image of Love Me If You Dare

This sequel to has plenty of action, with a heroine who is not afraid to admit she needs help. The hero is honorable and honest about his feelings and what he wants. This ties in nicely to the previous story.

When Officer Rafe Mancuso is stabbed protecting his ex-partner, Sara Rios, he is dubbed a hero and the target of the notorious Bachelor Blog. His attempt to avoid attention by recovering at his lake cabin only shifts the blog’s focus to Sara. She can’t afford being in the spotlight, as she is a witness against a man who is determined she won’t testify. Hiding out with Rafe seems the ideal solution, as she can trust him to have her back, until the attraction that broke up their partnership comes into play and someone reveals Sara’s location, putting her life in danger. (HQN, Sep., 361 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley