Image of Love Minus Eighty


Image of Love Minus Eighty

McIntosh intertwines three futuristic stories about individuals looking for love, all centered around “Bridesicles” — beautiful women, cryogenically frozen after death, who are sorted through by millionaires looking for companions. The author’s high-tech New York City is both fascinating and plausible, and his characters are diverse enough to keep readers interested. What’s especially interesting, and frightening, is how dependent humans have become on technology, with many choosing to record every moment of their lives. McIntosh manages to show how technology can both divide and unite us while delivering a highly entertaining tale.

In a world where humans are constantly connected and dead women are kept as Bridesicles, frozen and preserved, waiting for rich men to wake them, various New Yorkers come together to help end the controversial program, while hoping to find their own happy endings. There’s Rob, who vows to raise enough money to free a stranger from the Bridesicle lab after hitting her with his car. Meanwhile, Veronica, a socially awkward dating coach, becomes involved in Bridesicle activism while trying to attract the attention of her cohort Nathan. Rounding out the ragtag band is Mira, the oldest preserved Bridesicle, who’s determined to be reunited with her frozen partner, but is hesitant to reveal her sexuality for fear of being “terminated” from the program. (ORBIT, June, 432 pp., $15.99)
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Elisa Verna