Image of Love Is Monumental (A Walk in the Park)


Image of Love Is Monumental (A Walk in the Park)

Daughety's second book in the Walk
in the Park series is a funny, sweet story, though the romantic relationship seems undefined throughout most of the book, making it difficult to feel
a lot of chemistry. The book can
stand alone without the reader
feeling lost.

Vickie Harris enjoys being the park ranger assigned to the Washington Monument, but she's lonely. She spends her nights at home with her two cats, waiting for a movie-worthy kiss.

She reluctantly agrees when college professor Thatcher Torrey asks for her help with a research project. Thatcher is also a workaholic and at first glance doesn't seem like Vickie's type. But soon she begins to realize that God has His own plan for her and if she can be patient, she may find love and happiness in the long run. (BARBOUR, May, 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt