Despite her parents objections, Laura Morrison breaks her engagement with one of the rising stars of Washington D.C. Afterwards, she strolls along the shore and finds an odd piece of beach glass that transports her through time.

Kentir of Issa is the first of his team to reach the newest arrival. Her struggle in the rough terrain is admirable, but he spares no sympathy for her. With an asteroid on a direct collision course with Earth, saving his world is all that matters.

Using a translator, Laura understands that she and three others have been dragged backward through time to rescue a long-forgotten world. There is no time to play it safe with anythingincluding ones heart.

Nothing is familiar here, and being made Kentirs assistant only makes it harder for Laura, until she takes charge and teaches all of those left in Issa that there is always a need for love. Yet while she and Kentir share a bittersweet passion, there is one newcomer who will destroy everything for the sake of profit.

Ms. Speers newest paranormal romance sketches images of a lost Atlantis: a paradise not soon forgotten. Vivid scenery and familiar characters add a good pace to the sometimes heavy dialogue. (Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black