Kerrelyn Sparks explores what might happen when two people spying for the colonial rebels meet, but neither knows of the other's mission. Shipping magnet Quinn Stanton is a man's man, but for his country he dons a powdery wig, laces and lavender. As a Loyalist fop he can give the rebels the information and help to save his company from falling into his British relatives' hands.

Like Quinn, Virginia Munrois a rebel through and through; she embraces the rush of pride and adrenaline she gets by helping her aunt with her clandestine observations. The fly in the ointment is Quinn—she continually encounters him everywhere she goes.

The problems arise when in the face of their inevitable attraction, Quinn and Virginia both try to hide their motives and their meetings. How can they trust one another? What happens when Quinn's relative, a British officer, arrives, and how does a man woo a woman without honesty? Only by joining forces can these two find a way to hold on to both their love and their country's freedom.

The simple premise of FOR LOVE OR COUNTRY will make you smile and Kerrelyn Sparks brings a wonderfully original plot to life with humor, clever dialogue, an accurate portrait of the era and a simply delightful cast of characters. You'll be turning the pages, laughing and hoping for more from this talented new writer. SENSUAL (Jun., 300 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin