Image of Love Overdue


Image of Love Overdue

Sweet, charmingly funny and a treat for all library lovers, Morsi’s latest is more than a romance between two beautifully paired characters; it is a love story for anyone with a soft spot for small towns and their individual eccentricities. Though the scenes of small-town life occasionally overwhelm the lead couple’s burgeoning relationship, the flashbacks to their shared past are so touching and vibrant that readers will be carried along, hungry and hoping to see them make their way back to each other.

Dorothy Jarrow has been hired to manage the library of the tiny town of Verdant, Kan., and she is determined to be the best librarian ever. Once, eight years ago, DJ tried to be the kind of girl who let her hair down and flashed her wild side, but though her spring-break fling was a wild success, she fled, mortified and vowing to stick to her prim-and-proper façade. Fitting in now with the gossip-hungry people of Verdant isn’t easy. To make matters worse, she soon realizes that her vacation fling is none other than her landlady’s son, Scott. Thankfully he doesn’t remember her at all — so why does DJ wish he would? (MIRA, Sep., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown