FOR THE LOVE OF PETE continues the charming saga of the magical Seascape Inn. Single mom Jillian Westwood is returning to the Inn for the first time since she became pregnant with her beloved son, Pete. That summer brought her great sadness and great joy. Jillian was madly in love with medical student Brad Pierce, but because he was not ready to marry, Jillian left Seascape, keeping her pregnancy secret. Now, as a favor to her new fiance, Reynold Johnstone, Jillian and Pete will show his prospective clients a wonderful time.

Ms. Hattie is delighted to see Jillian return. She knows that Tony Freeport, her long deceased fiance (and resident ghost) considers Jillian and Brad his one failure in the romance arena. Maybe with a little prodding, Jillian and Brad can be reunited. And so Ms. Hattie covertly arranges for the unsuspecting Brad to arrive at the Inn.

Unfortunately, the pain of the past is still so strong that neither Jillian or Brad respond as hoped. Because of Pete's smaller than average size, Brad believes him younger than seven and therefore not his son. Jillian is not ready to divulge Pete's true parentage, so it is up to the ghostly Tony to intervene. Tony has a lot of help this time from young Pete, who has figured out for himself that Brad is most likely his father.

Fans of the enchanting Seascape Series are in for a treat with this sensitive and touching tale of long-lost lovers reunited with a little ghostly help. (Mar., 298 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith