Image of For the Love of Pete


Image of For the Love of Pete

Fast paced and funny, this novel reads like Janet Evanovich crossed with The Sopranos. It's full of zany characters in a book-long car chase. Though bullets fly, snow falls and babies cry, you will be giggling as you cruise through the plot twists. It's a fun way to pass a
rainy afternoon.

When the hotshot in the Beemer takes Zoey's just-shoveled Chicago parking space, she's steamed. But she doesn't even get time to yell at the sexy FBI type she's nicknamed Lips of Sin climbing out of the car before the sound of guns blazing comes from her apartment building, and baby Pete is carried out in the arms of a gun-waving thug who jumps into a Hummer and screeches off.

Pete is her best friend's baby and the reason Zoey is in Chicago. She and Lips start after the Hummer, only to get caught in a traffic jam. They can see the car exit the parkway and pull into a gas station. When the driver goes inside, two old ladies in saris jump out of another car, get in the Hummer and drive off -- with Pete! Soon a trail of mobsters, hitmen, crooked cops, Indian relatives and, of course, Zoey and Lips, are careening through the snowy Illinois landscape in search of each other -- and Pete. (FOREVER, Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan