Chemist Sylvie Fontaine is ecstatic; all her early test results seem to indicate that she has created a genuine love potion. JBX, nicknamed the jelly bean fix, is a chemical compound added to jelly beans that can then be targeted to an individual. Sylvies two lab rats, Samson and Delilah, seem to be living examples of the formulas success. To verify the results, Sylvie has arranged with her employer, Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals, to start testing on humans soon. Before that can happen, Sylvies childhood nemesis, Lucien LeDeux, accidentally ingests the potion.

Crusading attorney Lucien, also known as The Swamp Solicitor, is checking into allegations by fishermen that Cypress Oil is polluting the waterways and killing off their livelihood. Lucien has brought water samples to Sylvie with the hope that she can confirm the fishermens claims. While indulging in his usual sexy banter, Lucien swallows a handful of jelly beans that are sitting on the counter. Sylvie is horrified and Lucien none too thrilled when it appears that the potion is taking effect. Suddenly Lucien can think of nothing but Sylvie in oh-so-many erotic ways. When a reporter overhears part of their argument, the next morning all the papers are proclaiming the discovery of a love potion. This puts both Sylvie and Lucien on the hot seat when various forces seem determined to get their hands on JBX and destroy whatever evidence of oil pollution Lucien might possess.

The more time Lucien and Sylvie spend together, the more involved they become. Sylvies heart is at stake, but is Lucien only acting under a chemical influence?

The very talented Sandra Hill adds to her already impressive list of reading gems with this delightfully funny and sexy tale. (Jan., 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith