Image of Love Potion #2


Image of Love Potion #2
LOVE POTION # 2 (4) by Margot Early: After an impulsive night of passion with her best friend, Paul Cureux, Cameron McAllister is pregnant and in a budding relationship with him. Cameron has always loved him, but Paul seems allergic to commitment, and she doesn't want him to marry her just because she's pregnant. Cameron soon learns, though, that Paul can act like an adult in spite of his insecurities over marriage after he helps out when her pregnancy is in jeopardy. Love Potion is a charming story about love's power to overcome all. The depiction of Paul's Peter Pan syndrome is perfect, and Early's inclusion of of midwives and birthing coaches is a fascinating peek into a world many don't know much about.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay