Braden creates a reality show from start to finish, with all its intricacies, and pulls it off with aplomb. Marcy, the show’s lunatic director, is worth the price of admission, but other characters round out the stellar cast.

Rand is a producer for a reality show called The Fishbowl. It’s his responsibility to find a few of the contestants, and he has the brilliant idea of picking ringers — individuals with more talent than their current occupations would indicate. Enter Libby, a bartender. She’s actually a law student subbing for her identical twin who ran off to Alaska with her boyfriend. It was Lissa, the twin with the more ebullient personality, who wrote to the show originally. Libby assumes the role and goes on the show with no intention of winning the million-dollar prize. She plays her part well but doesn’t count on falling in love with the handsome producer. Rand’s feelings are reciprocal, but he has a secret agenda. He’s writing a screenplay that might derail the romance. (HARMONYROAD.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown