On a visit with his old friend Blaze Wyndham, Henry Tudor chooses Blaze's daughter, Nyssa, as lady-in-waiting to his new (fourth) queen, Anne of Cleves. Though Henry is not pleased with Anne, Nyssa and her friend, Catherine Howard, enjoy life at court. It isn't until Henry casts his eye about for a fifth wife that Nyssa is caught in court intrigue.

Catherine's uncle schemes to put a Howard on the throne, but first he must remove Nyssa from court. The powerful earl entices Varian de Winter to help him with his plot. Drugged and put in Varian's bed for the king to find, Nyssa marries a man she hardly knows. But Varian is entranced with her and woos her gently until Nyssa is a happy wife, thrilled to be leaving the court behind.

Catherine doesn't fare as well. She weds the king but is ill-prepared for life with an aging man. Her youth drives Catherine into dangerous indiscretions and soon her liaisons both past and present threatens her fate, and Nyssa's.

LOVE, REMEMBER ME is the kind of novel readers can immerse themselves in and savor to the very last word. Ms. Small sweeps us into Henry's court in a compelling tale that lends a new dimension to the legendary Tudor monarch.Ms. Small captures the era's ambiance, giving us an intimate, passionate and very human portrait of the man and his wives. SENSUAL (Oct, 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin