Image of Love on the Rocks (Kimani Romance)


Image of Love on the Rocks (Kimani Romance)
LOVE ON THE ROCKS (4) by Pamela Yaye: Commitment-phobic Warrick Carver waits too long to propose to Tangela Howard, who leaves and moves to Mexico for a year. The first time he sees her upon her return she's on the cover of a magazine, looking thinner and totally different. Tangela is willing to settle for a good husband -- even if it means missing out on a great love -- but when Warrick makes an all-out effort to get her back she succumbs, believing that things will be different. But he hasn't changed, and she breaks things off again leaving him devastated. Eventually, Tangela comes to realize that she hasn't always handled their relationship the right way. Multilayered characters and a story that allows the reader to see their depth make this an entertaining story.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims