LOVE ON THE RUN is a wild ride from start to finish. Twenty-five-year-old Bree Hart runs away from home in order to escape the clutches of her controlling family. College professor Graham Lane is sent to find her. Before he knows it, hes pulled into the middle of more trouble than hes bargained for.

Bree is placed in one precarious position after another, showing her strength and resolve as she fights to survive and achieve independence. Ms. Winters does a spectacular job weaving the mystery into a spiderish web of intrigue.

Graham is placed in a position where he has to do something hed normally balk at. His loyalty toward his sister is admirable, however, as he fights to prove her employer tried to frame her. Along for the ride is an angry loan shark, an irate father, manipulative family members, and much more. Can Bree and Graham help one another to reach their goals as well as find room for love? (Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos