Image of Love On the Run (Morgan Man Novels)


Image of Love On the Run (Morgan Man Novels)

Continuing the sports theme with this track and field-centered entry, Day delivers a lively romance between two people who know how to get what they want. The story flows easily and the sparks fly between Michael and Shayna. Readers are introduced to the three Morgan brothers, who are well drawn, engaging and almost too good to be true — when they aren’t busy dodging Mama’s goal of adding daughters to her family.

Olympic sprinter Shayna is the newest client of megasports agent Michael Morgan. Turning her into the next sprint superstar is his original intent, but as his attraction to her grows, he decides that — just this once — he can mix business with pleasure. The one major hiccup is Shayna’s former boyfriend/trainer, who feels he has the right to share in her good fortune. Drama with Shayna’s mother makes her feel vulnerable, but Michael is there to make things right. He has the strength to support her without expecting anything in return — except love. (DAFINA, Nov., 341 pp, $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins