Image of Love Saves the Day: A Novel


Image of Love Saves the Day: A Novel

Cooper’s latest centers on a story of love and loss told mostly through the splendid voices of Prudence, a brown tabby cat and her owner’s daughter, Laura. Cooper’s beautiful words tell a moving story of the sometimes fragile relationship between mothers and daughters as well as speaking on the special love that forms between a pet and its owner. It’s a very moving read.

Prudence, the cat, notices that her owner Sarah hasn’t returned for five days and her cat sense tells her something is not quite right. When Sarah’s daughter, Laura arrives to take Prudence to live with her and her husband, Prudence hopes that Sarah will be back to get her. In the meantime, she begins to seek the care and love from Laura. It’s an emotional ordeal for Laura as she learns to live on without her mother and care for this unexpected new companion in her life. (BANTAM, Jan., 320 pp, $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates