In order for Muhsin Vuyani to inherit the $30 million trust fund his deceased father established for him, he must get married. The calm businessman has the perfect plan. Propose a marriage of convenience to Duchess Carver. He's attracted to her, and it's no secret that she needs some prime real estate to help her foundering company.

If Duchess marries him, Muhsin promises not only to give her the property she desires but also money for renovations. Though the offer is tempting, Duchess isn't sure she can give away that much of herself for the sake of her business. But does she really have a choice?

A more commonplace story than Washington's previous works, Love Scheme lacks a strong plot and leaves many questions unanswered regarding the codicil in Muhsin's father's will. Duchess and Muhsin's attraction is undeniably strong, but stronger conflict would have given this story more pizazz. (Apr., 351 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton