Readers who crave a lusty, sensual tale from a grand mistress of erotic romance are destined to be enthralled with Bertrice Small's THE LOVE SLAVE now available in mass market format. It is the daring tale of the child/woman Reagan, stolen from her homeland and sold to be trained as a concubine, skilled in all the arts of love and passion.

Forced by her vengeful mother to take her twin sister's place in the marriage bed, Reagan is then sent to a convent. But her fate is not in a priory. Captured, Reagan is given to Karim al Malina, an expert teacher in the arts of love, to be tutored in every possible skill to sate the appetites of a desert prince. With her youth and eagerness, her lush and beautiful body, Karim believes Reagan, rechristened Zaynab, will be the ideal love slave. But without knowing how, he breaks the first rule of his craft: he begins to fall under the spell of his pupil.

Zaynab knows the danger of loving Karim, but she cannot stop herself from losing her heart to this sensual man. Though she knows Karim will hold her heart forever, she is prepared to leave him when it is time to be presented to the Caliph of Cordoba.

Her new master is fascinated by the strong-willed yet passionate Zaynab and she quickly assumes the status of harem favorite and earns the hatred of his first wife. Life in the harem is full of danger and intrigue. After her daughter's birth, the danger mounts and Zaynab leaves the harem to find a new path, one that leads from the kindly physician's home, to the stronghold of a madman and finally back to Karim.

THE LOVE SLAVE is vintage Bertrice Small. Not for the shy or gentle reader, but a delectable banquet for the adventurous. Let yourself be drawn into the perfumed, pampered, erotic world of THE LOVE SLAVE, captivated by the heated sensuality of the East, the intrigue of the harem and the unique history of Moorish Spain. Here is another pice de resistance from a true master of her craft. SPICY (Oct., 446 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin