Image of To Love A Stranger (Kimani Romance)


Image of To Love A Stranger (Kimani Romance)
To Love a Stranger (4.5), by Adrianne Byrd, is mesmerizing from page one to the end! An unusual plot with an unexpected twist highlights this dramatic and memorable book. Madeline's husband, Russell, is missing and presumed dead when he and his mistress go down in his private plane. Instead of being heartbroken, she is elated. Raising her newborn daughter and older son will now be easier, since she's now rich and free of her philandering and his iron-clad prenuptial agreement. But six years later a private detective shows up with her presumed-dead husband, who is a totally different person. Amnesia is his illness, but he is determined to remember his beautiful wife and family. As they find their way back to one another, they make a startling discovery.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims