Image of Love Takes All (Passion's Gamble)


Image of Love Takes All (Passion's Gamble)

LOVE TAKES ALL (4) by J.M. Jeffries: Hunter Russell is summoned to Nevada when his grandmother enlists his help in renovating the casino she’s won in a poker game. Concerned for her sanity but knowing he can’t refuse her, he loses himself in modernizing the casino, but gets distracted by Lydia Montgomery, one of his grandmother’s partners. Though her mind is focused on raising her daughter and improving the casino, family members from her past life in New Orleans threaten to bring an end to Lydia’s newfound happiness. Readers get to see the natural and believable progression of a relationship from colleagues to friends to lovers. They’ll love how the emphasis isn’t on lust, passion or attraction. Though the journey is a good one, some readers might have appreciated more love scenes.

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner