Book one in Gentry's new western
trilogy will keep you entertained with
its story of a dashing gambler, a prim and proper schoolmarm and a battle
of the sexes.

The town of Fort Floppett has little to recommend it, aside from the fort and the best little whorehouse in the state, the Texas Lily. When the real Lily dies in a mysterious accident, she leaves the place to her partner, Bradley O'Neal, and her niece, Lillian Primm. Brad offers to buy Lillian's share, not expecting the prudish schoolteacher to actually show up and try to reform everyone.

Lillian is shocked to learn that the hotel she envisioned owning is actually a house of ill repute. She sets about correcting things immediately -- she will turn the "girls" into ladies and the "house" into a real hotel. Soon the battle lines are drawn, and the whole town is choosing sides and taking bets. Will the gambler seduce the schoolmarm to his side, or will the schoolmarm tame the gambler out of his wicked ways? (Zebra, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer