Since childhood, Emily Montgomery McCullen was told the Halloween romance formula from her Uncle Jeb. If a girl looks in a mirror at the Halloween Witching Hour, brushes her hair, and eats an apple, she'll see the future. A coffin means certain death. But if the image of a man appears, it'll be her future husband.

Convinced it's silly, the widowed Emily puts the formula to the test. Seated at the mirror, she by chance thinks of Skip Cole, who was "good father material." Startlingly enough, the image of her deceased husband appears and throws her off-guard.

Then a stranger, Chance Donovan, appears, wearing the same St. Christopher medal she gave her husband years before. Exactly who is he and why is he so set on living at Emily's lighthouse?

I was mesmerized by this exceptional book from page one. It's all-encompassing, with a top-notch villain, engaging main characters, a charming setting—especially the lighthouse. Ms. Springer's talent with words and unique storytelling are truly memorable. ($6.00 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer