This novel is a light and enjoyable read that will sweep readers to the Scottish moors.

When school teacher Maggie Hobbs makes her dream vacation to Scotland, she unexpectedly travel to a Scotland long past. Alexander MacKendimen is in a similar situation. He is taking a break from a disastrous relationship and a demanding accounting job when he meets Maggie at the MacKendimen gathering amidst castle ruins and soon they are tumbling through time.

When Alex finally convinces Maggie they are not in the middle of a medieval reenactment, and that his sudden heavy brogue us no joke, they both begin to suspect the impossible.

The clan members believe Alex to be the lairds son returning from five years with King David. With Maggie's knowledge of medieval history, gleaned from romance novels, the two are able to put up a good appearance. Although Maggie dislikes her role as Alex's leman, she has little choice since he has a fiancee awaiting him at the keep.

Between Alex's jealous betrothed, the stern and demanding laird, the severity of the times and the constant threat of exposure, Alex and Maggie face untold dangers as they search their hearts for the answer to fates puzzle.

(Nov., 342 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor