When Officer Chenoa Campbell's former partner is killed before her eyes, she wants in on the case. Her boss agrees, with one stipulation— she must work with newly hired detective Zearl Sinclair.

It's been years since Chenoa laid eyes on Zearl, but one thing hasn't changed—his chauvinistic attitude. As the two work closely together, heated disagreements turn into blazing passion. Zearl battles with the fact that he feels more than a sisterly love for his childhood friend.

Love Uncovered lacks appeal because the attraction between Chenoa and Zearl seems like an afterthought. Chenoa's dislike for Zearl is weak, at best, and doesn't carry conviction. Plus, neither Chenoa nor Zearl has a powerful presence. This book is slow moving and difficult to finish, but readers are still propelled to discover who killed Chenoa's partner. Although the clues are slow to unravel, the shocking truth is well worth the wait. (Jul., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Dana Perry