Kane delivers in this second book of
the Brothers in Arms series. Using the mores of the Regency period to heighten the trio's conflict, the characters must face their own demons in a quest to live an authentic life together. This love story is both comedic and dramatic and contains explicit threesome and male-on-male love scenes.

Phillip Neville and Jonathan Overton have both fallen in love with Maggie Trueheart, but Jonathan steps aside so that Phillip and Maggie can marry. When Jonathan moves in with the couple, they realize he was what was missing in their staid relationship. Jonathan and Phillip planned to initiate Maggie into a menage a trois marriage after the official ceremony, but when Maggie learns of their hopes she fights what she knows in her heart -- that all three of them are meant to be together forever.

The biggest surprise comes when Jonathan and Phillip must accept their long-denied love for each other. But just when they have dealt with the ramifications of their feelings, an enemy hits where it hurts most, shattering the lovers' happy existence. Now this threesome will have to find their way back to one another before it's too late. (, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly