Miss Madeleine (Maddie) Willits has no use for the nobility, but she promises her employer, Mr. Malcolm Bancroft, that she will behave herself when his nephew, Quinlan Bancroft, Marquis of Warefield, comes to Langley Hall to oversee estate matters while Malcolm recovers form a stroke.

Handsome Quin is not the dandy she expects, and Maddie is hard pressed not to like him. Sparks fly, with much verbal sparring between them. Quin finds himself lusting after this infuriating female and is called to task by his uncle when he's discovered kissing Maddie.

Maddie is of the nobility and is ostracized by the ton for a past indiscretion. The irascible Malcolm comes up with a solution. Quin is to escort Maddie to London when the Bancrofts sponsor her return to society.

But her return is met with disdain by some of the aristocrats. When Quin proposes marriage, she refuses. He soon realizes that he is in love with this prickly chit. Now how to convince Maddie of his intentions?

With plenty of verbal banter to keep you laughing, BY LOVE UNDONE is a warm, funny tale to please any reader. Ms. Enoch has a flare for humor. SENSUAL (July, 376 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond