The third installment of Palmer's series offers a suspenseful story set against the entertaining backdrop of a New York-based daytime drama.

Having suffered through enough real-life drama to last a lifetime, soap opera writer and producer Morgan Tyler is happily planning a trip to Las Vegas when leading man Link Ramsay confides that he's being stalked by an overzealous fan. Eager to help, Morgan soon ends up in the middle of a murder investigation and in danger herself. As she struggles to keep ahead of the threats and juggle all the men in her life, she finds herself starring in real-life drama as good as she could've scripted.

This is a fantastic addition to this series. Full of insider dish on everything from New York co-ops to daytime dramas, it zips along at a brisk pace. Morgan is an engaging heroine who has just enough complexity to keep readers awaiting the next installment of her story. In fact, this book is so full of interesting characters and subplots -- most notably the three very different men who are pursuing Morgan -- that this is the rare book in which the main character and her world are every bit as intriguing as the mystery she finds herself embroiled in. (May, 307 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider