Image of Loved By a Warrior (The Warrior King)


Image of Loved By a Warrior (The Warrior King)

Fletcher’s strong characters and storytelling provide readers with an engaging tale that’s brimming over with action and carefully tinged with just enough historical detail to create a colorful portrait of an era.

Cursed as the “death bride,” widowed twice but never a wife, Tara longs for peace, but when her father betroths her once more, this time to the king, she fears for her life and those she loves. When Reeve sees a young woman being attacked he rushes to the rescue and is immediately taken with Tara. She is the kind of courageous, intelligent, sensual woman he would want for a wife and he will do anything to keep her safe. On the run from her attackers and the king’s men, Reeve and Tara form a bond of friendship and trust like Tara has never experienced. Even when Reeve learns of Tara’s past he does not fear protecting her or loving her. He brings her to his family for safekeeping and challenges anyone who would harm her. Still, Tara believes in the curse and only Reeve’s love and faith will enable her to fight for her freedom and the ones she loves. (AVON, Jul., 530 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin