Sabrina and Niall fairly crackle with sensual energy. They meet when Sabrina, whom Niall calls "mouse," interrupts his tryst with a married woman. Though attracted to him, Sabrina feels entirely out of his league. She is plain and quiet, he is charming and handsome.

To provide a leader for her clan she is required to wed Niall. Neither is happy with the enforced marriage, but Niall finds himself drawn by her courage and loyalty to her clan. Sabrina is nor immune to Niall's sensual charms, but in the oldest game in the world, she refuses to fawn over him. Thus, Niall is determined to conquer what he cannot easily have.

The sizzling sexual tension and repartee makes this a pleasure to read. Niall, for all his arrogant smugness over his sexual prowess, is nevertheless a dashing, charming Highland rogue who's delightfully bested by a demure Edinburgh "mouse." SENSUAL (March, 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer