Robin Schones latest historical erotica, set in Victorian England, is as steeped in darkness as it is charged with sensuality.

Michel de Angles (Michael of the Angels) a man once renowned for his expertise at bringing a woman to the greatest of pleasure, has retired. Burned and horribly scarred, he no longer offers his services to women, but when wealthy spinster Anne Aimes seeks him out at the House of Gabriel, he agrees to meet with her. Michel is willing to become Annes lover, as she is the key to him finding the man he blames for all the loss in his life.

The heated, highly erotic days and nights they share bring them more than just sexual gratification. A powerful bond begins to build between them, forcing Michel to wonder if he has the right to use Anne to get to this man. But his need for revenge is stronger than his need for love, thrusting them into a game of danger and deception and a climax that can bring salvation and peace or misery and pain.

There is no doubt that Robin Schone knows how to write sizzling erotic love scenes and create suspense that compels the reader to turn the page to find out just who is the culprit Michel seeks. She relies on the mounting sexuality, akin to 9H Weeks and the repetition of phrases to keep the reader wondering if it is love or vengeance that drives Michael. Those looking for a hot read will find it in THE LOVER and they will never look at a banana or chocolate the same way again. SEXY (Apr., 325 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin