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In order to save her ranch, Susanna Copeland bails Eagle Jack Sixkiller out of jail to be her trail boss.

Susanna doesn't know that Eagle Jack is part of the legendary Sixkiller family who owns one of the largest ranches in the state, and he isn't about to enlighten her. Susanna's his ticket out of jail; besides, there's something about her desperation that touches his heart.

Susanna insists that she be a part of the decision-making process and that she and Eagle Jack pose as husband and wife. Eagle Jack is making his own plans to join her herd with his on the trail drive. Once done, he will continue his search for the man who stole his horse.

But attraction and passion cannot be denied as Susanna and Eagle Jack are drawn to one another. On the trail, Susanna proves that she is more than capable, as she wins Jack's respect and admiration as well as his passion. (When they make love, the earth moves—and it's not a stampede that's causing it!)

With its admirable characters and rich repartie, this romance is pure enjoyment. The teasing between Eagle Jack and Susanna is humorous, and it's a pleasure to watch their love grow. This lovingly rendered tale just whets your appetite for the rest of the Cherokee Warrior series. This one's a keeper! SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner