Image of Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)


Image of Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)

Fans of Ward's complex Black Dagger Brotherhood series know events have taken a sinister turn. As the series moves to hardcover, Ward explores the life of a most unlikely hero: drug dealer and symphath Rehv. While the storyline is tortured and gut-wrenching, the unfolding love story is hopeful and healing. Plenty of action, intrigue and betrayal ensure edge-of-seat entertainment.

To protect his beloved mother and sister, Rehvenge has managed to keep the truth about his lifestyle and bloodline mostly a secret. One creature who does know the truth is the symphath princess, and her blackmail demands physical and emotional pain.

Responsible for her ailing father, nurse Ehlena struggles to make ends meet. She's treated Rehv before at Havers clinic, but after his recent visit she becomes concerned about his health. Ehlena is everything that is good in the world, and Rehv knows he's unworthy, but he can't let her go. Meanwhile, for King Wrath and the Brotherhood, the fight against the lessers is becoming increasingly dangerous. Insidious plots are now in motion!(NAL, May, 527 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith